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Course Details

Fuse Academy  is accredited by Technics DJ Mix club and offers a 10 week course that covers the following:

1. Basic skill of DJying

2. Workshops:

The workshops offered are as follows:

  • Meet and greet (Introduction & Welcome session by DJ Zinhle)
  • Mental Skills training
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding (Conducted by Nomndeni Mdakhi)
  • 2 Evaluations per student to track progress

Good reasons to become Female Dj in South Africa right now

1. In South Africa Female DJs are finally getting the recognition that only male DJs have been receiving in the past years.

2. There aren’t a lot of hugely successful Female DJs in the country, giving opportunity to more Female DJs.

3. DJs are today’s rock stars.

4. DJying has been proven to be a successful career path in South Africa and all over the world.

5. DJs travel all over the world and this is a good way to explore the world and meet different people.

6. You are your own boss and can work flexible hours.

7. A hobby can become a career. So if you have always loved music you can turn your hobby into a moneymaking pursuit.

What DJs Require

1. An interest and an ear for music.

2. Ambition, enthusiasm and passion.

3. A willingness to learn.